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News - This unit displays the latest laws and regulations information in the past months.

No Date Title
1. 2024.05.17 Permit Management Regulations for Public and Private Waste Clearance and Disposal Organizations
2. 2024.05.16 Regulations for Periodic Regulatory Goals and Approaches of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions
3. 2024.04.08 Soil Pollution and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Fund Revenues and Expenditures, Safekeeping, and Utilization Regulations
4. 2024.03.11 Regulations for Environmental Agent Vendor and Pest Control Operator Permit Application and Issuance
5. 2024.03.08 Working Standards for Environmental Agent Permit Application and Issuance
6. 2024.02.01 Regulations Governing Issuance, Revocation, and Cancellation of Emissions Certificate of Conformity for Diesel and Alternative Clean Fuel Engine Vehicles
7. 2024.01.30 Regulations Governing the Issuance and Replacement of Compliance Certification and Sample Testing for New Vehicle Model Noise Inspections
8. 2024.01.26 Regulations Governing the Issuance, Revocation and Abolition of Compliance Certification for Motorcycle Configuration Exhaust Emission